Virtual Zoo

We've been to zoos as children and learned a lot from these field trips. Today, however, we realize there are some issues with keeping wild animals in captivity. Some say it's a form of cruelty to animals. Here in Manila, some zoos are also sadly lacking in the animals' upkeep. I'm thinking of introducing my toddler to zoo animals via a virtual zoo I found online. We can learn about the cutest, the ugliest, the biggest, the smallest, the endangered animals, all online, all without leaving the house. There are also animal books and toys, animal activities and crafts available online which may be used as learning tools for my toddler son.

The advantage of learning about all these animals online is that children get to know these animals without actually getting too "intimate" with them, hence avoiding potential bites, diseases and other dangerous situations. Since there is no space limitations, there are more animals to be seen, including endangered animals. There are a lot of animals even I haven't seen, and my son's gonna learn all about them. And, of course, it is accessible anytime and anywhere there's an internet connection. I believe this will be a great online learning tool for my child.