Looking like pros on your first dance

The first dance at our wedding was just a simple slow dance because we did not have the time to practice a more intricate and show stopping dance. I was generally happy with it because I really am not that good with dancing and I was afraid I would embarass myself at my own wedding. (That's also the reason why I didn't attempt to sing during my wedding even if I wanted to, although that's a different matter altogether.)

But then I realized that some couples are actually giving a lot of thought and preparation for their wedding dance. I sometimes wonder how hubby and I would have looked like if we were trained by professionals from a school like Scottsdale Dance Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. They promise that even if you're a novice or have two left feet, you would look great on the dance floor after taking their Scottsdale Dance Lessons. They have a website here: www.gaineydance.com. This is a very informative website which introduces you to the different types of ballroom dancing even before you step into their studio. They even have a downloadable dance guide in PDF format, "Everybody's Guide to Dance", which you can download for free from their website.