coffee break ver. 1.2

If you were to suggest
summer venues in the Philippines,
what 3 get-away trips
would you recommend?

I have 4 places in mind. I won't say recommend yet, because of the 4, I've only been to Boracay. But I'm intrigued about the other places so I would like to go there myself.

In no particular order, they are:


The last time I was here, it was for a conference. I didn't get to experience Boracay as it should be experienced. I was also single then. I would like to come back and experience the unique island culture of Boracay with my family.


This is where we were supposed to have our honeymoon. We loved the diversity of the place. I hope I'd be able to go there soon and experience it.


No list of must-see places in the Philippines is complete without the mention of Palawan. Even from pictures, it is oh-so-beautiful. Perfect for communing with nature.


I am intrigued by Batanes! When I look at the pictures, it looks as though I've stepped into another time, another place. And, with its reputation as being a place where typhoons frequent, I'd like to explore what makes the place and the people so hardy.

Now, as to when I can pack my bags and go...that is the question :).

Thanks, Jan!


abieco said...

pangarap ko ring umabot ng Batanes at Bohol!