Easter Ethan!

Since my husband had a clinic in Market Market last Holy Saturday and I was going to meet a friend there, we decided to go there as a family. Ethan had a blast at Dave's funhouse! Actually, it was not his first time at Dave's funhouse since I had brought him to the one at Virra Mall, but it was his first time at that branch and he was really, really excited when he saw the place. My sister in law and I were able to shop a bit while he was there with yaya. It was more difficult to get him to leave the place! I would recommend this place for moms who need to do a little shopping! Even the yaya can't bring the child away. Only 1 thumbprint is registered and only the person who has that thumbprint can take the child away from the place. So it's pretty safe. (Although I was still a little apprehensive at first.

On Easter Sunday, we went to a birthday party on Funland, which was on NLEX, of all places! Ethan had a lot of fun with the slides and the giant bounce! Not to mention the magic show! Oh, and we had an Easter Egg hunt at the end of the party. Ethan brought home a lot of "loot" and prizes. :)

We really should bring out a little boy more.