For me, I would think it's both. This is actually one of the few times in the year wherein I can totally relax from work (I might not even have computer access). It is only through this totally-free-from-work-worries time that I can bond with my family. It is only through this time that I can truly have the luxury of reflecting on everything--the blessings and the trials.

No, I'm not going through visita iglesia or way of the cross. It was never a tradition in my family. You see, my family consisted of an agnostic Dad and Buddhist mom, with Catholic children (us, because of school). We grew up knowing morality as taught by the Catholics and by the Buddhists but we were never cerado Katoliko mainly because of an "ecletic" religious upbringing. My husband's family is also Catholic, but their members are not going to do those traditions either.

But neither am I going to some beach resort. We're just going to my mother-in-law's house (still in the Greater Manila Area) for the long long weekend.

Maybe I can catch up on Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" which I never got the chance to see.
Thanks, Jan, for this question. I hope this answer to your question does not disappoint you. :(


jan celiz-magtoto said...

hey joey! whatever answers my blogmates post, i love it! taking time out to participate in my coffee break is more than enough. thankies! sa uulitin hah!=)

abieco said...

I'm done with the beach (just came back from Hundred Islands) so the following days, I will focus my energies on re-charging my physical self. So, I guess, it will be more of a relaxation for me.