6 Quirky Things About Me

Tagged by Jigi and Tracy. Thank you, girls! You made me think hard about this :).

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Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about my self:

1. I work and study better in the wee hours of the morning. Less distractions, since it's quiet and everybody's asleep.
2. The tag of my blanket/bedsheet/bedcover has to be on the head side of the bed. Always.
3. I played with toy guns along with my dolls as a kid.
4. I actually like to do the grocery.
5. I prefer to read than to watch TV.
6. I hold on to pieces of paper if they have my father's handwriting (he passed away 7 years ago) even if I would have classified it as trash and thrown it out under normal circumstances.

Ahh. That took a while. Let's see what quirks you have -- Jean, Jaqqq, Francine, Cha.