It's just so cute :)

We brought Ethan to the park this afternoon and he was happily playing with the slides and the swing. There were a lot of other kids around. In particular, there was this little girl in a pink blouse and white skirt with tights and ballet shoes. I'm guessing that she came from ballet practice. Very cute and pretty. She was there with her brother and yaya (nanny).

When the little girl was leaving the playground, the yaya asked her to say bye bye to everyone. Of course, we also asked our little boy to say bye bye and he did. Also gave a flying kiss. The little girl reciprocated with a flying kiss to Ethan before leaving. After that, Ethan had this smile and this expression we don't see everyday. He seemed stunned. My little boy with his first crush? :D It's a pity I didn't capture his expression on camera.


~dowadee~ said...

wow joey your little boy is growing up so fast...hehehe. Sige cute pa yan sa ngayon lets hear what you have to say if there are more of them na..=)


Oooooh...I know just how you must have felt. I just posted about my six-year-old's crush a couple of days back! It's so cute when such stuff happens. I didn't have a camera either. :(

theworkingmom said...

Dowadee -- Nakupu!

writing mommy -- I read your post and I couldn't help but smile. Kids are so precious, aren't they? Thanks for the visit!