Valentine's Day, the practical way

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Being a practical person, I would rather buy my loved ones something they could use, rather than spend it on an expensive dinner date in a crowded restaurant with other couples celebrating Valentine's Day.

My husband has been trying to look for a nice watch for the longest time. I can get him a nice Omega watch at World of Watches for 100 dollars off! I'm sure he'll be very happy with my choice.

I also found some very cute shirts for my toddler at The Children's Place. He'll surely look even cuter in his new clothes!

There are other great deals from Coupon Chief. I'm sure you'll have fun shopping especially with the great discounts that you'll get from the site.


Jean Marie said...

hi joey, thanks for the visit...yeah, got approved from PPP just last week. anyhow, im having problems grabbing posts. naku, always na lang nka reserved na just like this post. hay....baka di nako maka grab. hehehe.... by the way, do you know how to idex a blog sa google, msn & yahoo? i haventindexd mine kasi. dont have any idea how to.