The "COD Christmas Display"


This is just a quick post....

If you still have a Christmas season hangover and haven't already seen it, why not head over to Greenhills Shopping Center to check out the "COD Christmas Display" near the night market? It begins at 6:30 pm. I'm not sure when the run will end, though, but it's a safe bet that it probably won't last past the Feast of the Three Kings.

My son thoroughly enjoyed it. It's free entertainment. It's technology from the 70's (when the display was still in the COD department store) but it's still very nice!

Of course, you may still end up spending because the night market is just beside it, as well as several food stalls :P.


idealpinkrose said...

ang dami yatang tao sis...mukhang maganda nga yata diyan.

btw, you've been tagged. you can check it here.

theworkingmom said...

We went a few days before Christmas, that's why there are so many people :).

Thanks for the tag. I'll work on them later :)