My blog got accepted at Smorty!

My blog finally got accepted at Smorty! If you're not aware of this site, it is a site that pays bloggers like us to blog, and advertisers to create buzz for their products and services through blog advertising. It is a great way to monetize your blog. If you haven't gotten on board, do try them out!

Why am I excited about my blog getting accepted? You see, not just any blog can be accepted. You have to fulfill some minimum requirements in order that your blog will be considered to accept assignments. Being accepted means that my blog has reached an acceptable level for them, which is quite positive for me. However, if you do not get accepted at the first try, you are told the reasons why and your blog can be resubmitted once the missing requirements are fulfilled.

Another reason why I'm really excited is that this is another income stream for me! Hurray!

If you have a blog, I urge you to try them out!