"Karinyo Brutal" :)

I'm very happy that my son seems to prefer me over other people. We just had a "bonding session" this afternoon. I was feeling sleepy so I lay on the living room sofa while Ethan lay on top of me. It was that way for over an hour. When he thought that I was already sleeping, he was just content to put his his head on my chest. So sweet!

However, when he knew I was awake, he proceeded to shower with his brand of affection -- wet kisses on my cheeks...and BITES! Yikes! He already has a full set of teeth an his bites HURT and leave marks! I have 2 marks now -- one on my cheek and another on my tummy (he bit through my shirt).

I know he only does it to people he loves, but I really wish he won't do that. Any suggestions to get him to stop?