College-University: Application Surveys

I remember when I applied for college. It was more than 20 years ago already (eek!) and my choices were University of the Philippines and University of Santo Tomas because they had the most well known medical schools here in the Philippines.

I got accepted in both but ended up studying in UST because the course I picked seemed to be more advantageous for further medical studies (Medical Technology). Once in a while, I get the feeling that "what if" I had entered UP instead?

No regrets though. I enjoyed my stay at UST. I also went on to Medicine after I graduated from my undergraduate course.

Now, I am ALSO a UP student. For my Master's, I'm taking a distance learning course at the UP Open University.

I will soon be sending my son to small school, later to big school. Eventually, he'll also go to college. I shudder to think how expensive education would be! But, as good parents, we have the responsibility of ensuring our children get a good education.

The following is a survey on higher education from Dneero.


Mec said...

sister!!! i am also planning on studying in UP's Open u :) haven't gotten around to calling them tho, i just e-mailed quesries...

was thinking kasi of starting a non-formal course muna before really taking up masteral :)

theworkingmom said...

Hi, Mec! You can actually google for UP Open University, that's how I found the info for courses and enrollment procedures. My learning center is UP Manila :). Masaya naman :). I see my classmates about once a month. Ang mahirap is dapat matiyaga sa self study.