My Planner for 2008

I've always used planners, but being the frugal person that I am (a.k.a. "frugal", "kuripot", thrifty, take your pick!), I do not see the need to buy a planner when so many companies give these out as their corporate giveaways every Christmas season.

I liked Starbucks and Belle du Jour planners but I am hesitant to spend for them.

Since I have insurance policies with Sunlife, I asked my agent if they have planners this year. I have always been happy with their planners even if they look really "corporate". It serves its purpose anyway of recording my appointments and the patients I saw.

This year, however, the Sunlife planner was really very nice! They've completely changed the design and it has become more of a work of art. :)

How is it different from the usual planner?

Sunlife planners always have a leatherette cover with space for a business card (my agent put his card there), and this year it was no exception. There's also a pen holder. It's a pity they don't have the strip of leatherette which could be used as a bookmark. 2 years ago, their planner had that, but they didn't have that anymore for 2007 and 2008.

The extras:
- Every month there's a featured photograph from their amateur photo enthusiasts with a pithy saying. There are also nice looking calenders for the month.
- There's a detachable Mother's Day card beside the date for Mother's Day, with a detachable envelope. I thought that was a nice touch. At least if you forgot the date and flipped to that page, you at least have a card to give to mom.
- There's a card for a travel accident insurance which you have to text in to activate. At least that's what I think it looks like. I couldn't be sure, though. The card is still in the plastic and since I'm not travelling yet, I'm not gonna detach and open it yet.
- There's a VIP pass for a Free Financial Seminar, good for September and October. It's attached just before September.
- There's also a detachable Christmas card.
- The last page features the names of the members of their amateur photo club. What a nice way to give these people recognition for their talent.

If you want a nice looking planning without drowning in coffee or shelling out money AND you happen to be Sunlife client, why not try to ask your agent if he has planners he could give you? :) Do remember, though, not to force your agent -- he/she has to spend for the planner he/she gives you...I really do not know how much it cost my agent, but I'm so glad he gave this to me.


Jenny said...

Hi Joey! Our insurance agent always gives us a planner for Christmas. But we have PhilAm. I hear the company planners are not cheap nga. :)

idealpinkrose said...

wow! my boss gave me a planner, too but i just left it at work..i don't make any plan, i'm a "come what may" person.

btw sis, could you do me a favor? please vote for my blog here. thanks in advance!

sasha said...

Hey Joey! Naku ako wala pang planner :( Pero I have a 2008 calendar of Papemelroti naman kaya pwede na hehe

Linked u na :)

Connie said...

I love planners. I found one at the dollar store of all places. It has lines in the days, I need those lines or it looks messy. Min is from
I save my old planners... I have decades of them. They tell the real story of how I spend my time. I think I will blog on them.

Johnina said...

Wow glad I saw this, I've been meaning to run out and buy one. I think I'll be taking your advice instead and find a free one! Thanks

theworkingmom said...

Jenny -- but clients can ask for them naman :). Sayang din eh.

Idealpinkrose -- I used to be a come what may person, but since I already have a family, I need to put a little organization into my life. Planners do work better for me rather than palms. :)

Sasha -- Whatever works naman, diba? When I was single, I relied lang on my memory. But now, I forget a lot if I don't write them down, that's why I need the planners.

Connie -- It's not the amount you pay...sometimes you get some great and inexpensive finds. In my case, it was free! :D Hmmm, good idea of blogging on your planners. :)

Johnina -- There are good ones out there -- inexpensive or free! I'm such a miser when it comes to spending for such things. But I would have bought one at the nearby bookstore if my agent haven't given this to me.