Feeling lucky?

I'm not really a gambler, but I sometimes try a little bit of blackjack or video poker for fun. I had a trip to Las Vegas a few years back, and what's a Las Vegas trip without a little bit of gambling, even if it's just the slot machine?

Now, short of going to Las Vegas to gamble, you can actually do it online. There are so many online casino websites out there. I am personally very wary of risking my hard earned money in sites which might turn out to be scams.

The fast way to know which of them are genuine and which offer the best deal is to visit pro360.com. Here, you see a good list of different online casinos. These are rated by the editor and the people who actually gamble at these sites. They also show which sites welcome US players. Even the amounts of bonuses offered by each site as incentive are also noted here, as well as a full review.

This would make it simple for you on the days that you're just feeling very lucky.