Maxdirectory review

If you own any kind of website or blogsite for any purpose, you would want it to be visible to more people on the net. One of the ways of building a more visible web presence is by submitting your url to a web directory.

Maxdirectory is one such web directory. According to their site, it's a "human edited" web directory. Submission is free, although they may require a reciprocal link for specific categories. They promise fast approval, usually within twenty four hours.

The site is new, but it has good potential. It's pretty easy to navigate around the site, since it lists the different websites into different categories and subcategories, with their corresponding pageranks. I have actually found some pretty interesting websites and blogs.

Another thing I liked about their site is the helpful articles found on the right side of their webpage. These articles are helpful for website and blogsite owners who are looking to improve their pagerank, their SEO, and their site visibility, among others.

New submissions are featured as new links -- this gives newcomers a little more visibility while they are still freshly submitted. Top links and popular links are also featured, although, honestly, I'm not quite sure what makes a "top link" different from a "popular link". There are also featured random links, so everybody gets the chance to be featured, even if they are smaller websites or blogs.