Pay per Play and monetize your site

If you have a blog or a website and are looking to make more money out of it, here's Net Audio Ads, a new and exciting opportunity! What's great about this is that you earn from every visitor that comes to your site! Isn't that great? EVERY VISITOR! Not just visitors who click on your ads!

How does this work? Every visitor to your website or blog hears a five second audio advertisement. This is a way for advertisers to reach their an end audience classified according to their geographic location, demographics and specific interests.

The good news for blogsite and website owners like us is that there is currently a generous affiliate program in place, but this is a limited time offer! It will continue only up to February 1, 2008. After February 1, 2008, the program converts to a "Host Only" model, meaning you will only make revenue from the ads placed on your own site. ANY SITE THAT SIGNS UP NOW FOR THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM CAN CONTINUE TO PARTICIPATE & SHARE IN AFFILIATE REVENUE AFTER FEBRUARY 1, 2008. It's imperative for any site owner wanting to maximize revenue by way of NetAudioAds consider registering for the FREE Affiliate program before February 1, 2008.