Angels and Demons?

A lot of people think that the works of Dan Brown, "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" are works that attack the Catholic faith. I'd rather think of them as good reading and thrillers that just happened to have Catholics and anti-Catholics in the material, with some controversial matters regarding the Catholic church. I would not really think of it as an attack on my own faith and just enjoy the novels and the movies for what it is, a good story.

Which brings me to think that while talk on religion is mostly considered taboo in polite conversation since there are so many controversies and quarrels, sometimes you just want to talk and discuss the issues with people of the same faith, that's why a purely Catholic Chat room is a great idea. There are so many issues that we can tackle. The Church has been a subject of much debate especially regarding its stand on issues like divorce, contraception, abortion, etc. I guess only fellow Catholics can discuss this in the context of their own faith.

I really wonder what my fellow Catholics would think about the books I mentioned? I know some people are outraged, but I personally think that we should just take it in stride.