It's So Hot!

The summer heat is upon us! It’s so much a pity, since I was enjoying the relatively cool breezes last January, and the fact that we actually saved by using less airconditioning! (But we tended to heat our bath water, which I don’t generally do when it’s warm…)

It can’t be denied, everything’s turned warm and balmy nowadays, and my pregnancy is making it feel even worse. I wish our house had ceiling fans instead of those stand fans. I feel that they cool the room even more efficiently than the more common stand and box type fans, and even those noisy hurricane fans.

My grandmother’s house had a couple of those, and I tell you, those were my favorite areas of her house! I’m not sure what brand she’s using, but it looks similar to one of those craftmade ceiling fans with an attached light. It’s something I’d definitely want if I get to build my own house someday.


Anonymous said...

darnit, i keep putting off wearing my boots but now that it's too hot i gotta wait for several more months. hehehe!

theworkingmom said...

Hahaha! You should have worn it na kasi! :)