Do You Like My New Blog's New Look?

I'm getting tired of my old layout, hence the shift. I hope you like it :)

I've been having some problems though, with attaching the date. Lena told me to import it to a new blog, but I'm having jitters about doing it...Of course, 600+ posts is no joke at all! :P

But at the moment, I'm enjoying the design. Thank so much, Lena!

Let me just gather up enough courage to just do what Lena suggests...No date is okay, actually, but since this is a journal of sorts, it would be nicer if dates were there...More courage needed...

Oh yeah, there are some other changes too. I've removed my cbox. Let me see what happens. I realized that sometimes I forget to respond to some comment people make on my cbox. Anyway, there's always the comments section.

And speaking of the comments section, I've made it moderated for a couple of reasons -- to keep out comment spammers AND so that I will be able to keep track of people who comment and try to respond as soon as I can.