Q&A's for Valentine's Day

Got this from n@w, one of my mailing lists:

1. Do you love receiving flowers on Valentine's day? Why?

It depends on who gave me the flowers. I remember that I felt so happy (and surprised) when I got the flowers from my then-boyfriend (now husband) way back when he was officially proposing to me.

I also got some flowers from some sweet guys in class -- you know those guys who just want to give every girl classmate 1 rose each on Valentine's day -- and I felt that they were sweet.

But I also got flowers from somebody who was courting me and who I didn't really like at all. It's a pity because the flowers were really gorgeous and were bought at some big time flower shop and not just at Dangwa. I felt ashamed for feeling that way, but I really can't help it.

Now that I'm married, my husband no longer gives me real flowers on Valentine's Day. Actually I told him not to bother, they're very impractical and expensive and I'd rather just save the money. He gave me chocolate flowers instead (and also gave Ethan another one) 1 year ago. Last year, there was none but he gave Ethan a balloon :P.

2. How do you feel when you get to receive some flowers and you have to walk the streets lugging the flowers with you?

It depends on who gave me the flowers :). If it's from my husband, I love it (but I hope he'd just give it at home nalang so I won't have to lug it around). But not if it's from someone I don't like. (see above)

3. What's your plan this coming Valentine's day?

No plans at all.

4. Is Valentine's day really something special to you and your partner? Or is it just one of those ordinary days?

Just one of those ordinary days. It also falls on a clinic day for my husband, so it's just another routine day for us.

We didn't feel the need to celebrate Valentine's Day. I'd rather celebrate our anniversary (which we sometimes overlook too). Sigh...we're not romantic at all. (Or maybe I'm getting old).

5. Spread some love. Give a love line or two to our fellow N@wies.

I remember so well
The day that you came into my life
You asked for my name
You had the most beautiful smile

My life started to change
I'd wake up each day feeling alright
With you right by my side
Makes me feel things will work out just fine

How did you know
I needed someone like you in my life
That there's an empty space in my heart
You came at the right time in my life

I'll never forget
How you brought the sun to shine in my life
And took all the worries and fears that I had
I guess what I'm really trying to say
It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way
No words can express how much I love you