Whale is Me...

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, I'm big! Some women on their ninth month who don't bulge as much look like me in my fifth month. I keep telling people that I kinda expected that, since I was also sporting an extra big tummy when I was pregnant with my firstborn, hence I was not expecting anything different this time around. I'm sure I'll look like a whale when I'm about to pop.

I've been lucky to lose all my excess poundage within 3 months of giving birth (via Cesarean section) but my shape was no longer the same. I can't wear sexy mini skirts even if I wanted to because I'd look like I'm trying too hard to be sexy. Of course it didn't help that I wasn't exercising to get back into shape. I should, this time around. For my own vanity, even if I only dress sexily in private. :P (Am very shy about showing off my body, even if I was in much better shape!)


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