Our Nuffnang "Date"

I was so excited about being in the top 20 of Nuffnang's shopaholic contest that I literally dragged the hubby to Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta 4 to claim my free tickets. And maybe, just maybe, if I'm lucky enough, I just might walk away with the Gucci bag!

Well, that was a little too presumptive of me, I suppose. My entry is not really very reminiscent of Rebecca Bloomwood-type shopping obsession. But, hey, it's never outlawed to dream, right? At the very least, my husband and I get to go to see a movie TOGETHER after a long spell! That would be a nice (and cheap, hahaha) post Valentine's gift!

It's a pity that I'm quite a shy person so I didn't really get to talk much with the others. I finally get to see the people behind the blogs, and all I manage is a weak "hi" and smile. Oh well, this is the first blogging event I've ever been to. One suggestion though...maybe we could have the resto turn down the music a bit while the event is ongoing? It was very difficult for me to hear what was being said. But then, I was a bit late and seated at the back.

The movie itself was a fun movie! I could relate to the part where Rebecca covets after some particularly lovely designer piece. Good thing I was never so compulsive as to actually rack up such a huge credit card debt! Even my husband, who really thought he won't find the movie interesting, laughed at some parts!

After the movie, while we were filing out, I was surprised to have a microphone shoved near my face and a lights shining in my eyes! Somebody asked me how the movie was and I could only was, it was good... Gad, I hope nobody I know gets to see me on ETC. I mean, I could have been wittier, I could have dressed better.....for my few seconds of TV (I think) appearance!

All in all, I enjoyed myself. It felt like a date again, with food and a movie, thanks to Nuffnang.

Oh, did I win the Gucci bag? No, I only managed to win the tickets. But that definitely encouraged me to continue writing and blogging, coz, hey, somebody out there actually LIKES what I write (hindi ako ilusyonada!) Congratulations to Frances, who got the top prize, and to all the other winners!


earthlingorgeous said...

hey hi! nice to meet you too I know some can be really shy at first meeting well this won't be the first there are many more naman like nuffnang said lots of projects to come so see you around! :)

Anonymous said...

like you, i only found out that i won yesterday morning so hubby and i left early from work. had to tell my boss the truth :-)
it was also my first time to join, win and attend an event so i was also hi and smiles :-)
i didnt even get to smile or wave at you!

anyway, it was indeed fun!

cherry said...

hi doc joey,

It was nice to know you enjoyed the movie and that part about shoving a microphone near your face is particularly "uncool". I don't want that to happen to me =)

But if I'm all made up and dressed super nice, cge lang...interview me all you want=)

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Hi Ms. Joey, sayang I wasn't able to say hi to you last night. Like you, I'm a little shy at first meets. But I'm sure there will be plenty of events to come and hope to meet you there =)

ms. choy said...

hello. i was there too, if im not mistaken you guys were sitting beside us??
nice meeting you hope to see you on future events (if i get invited) :)

Mommy Levy said...

hi joey! sayang di ako nakarating sa party. Walang mapag iwanan kay baby, sayang tuloy yung ticket. Anyway, sana next time meron ulit at makarating naman ako. See you guys soon.

carlamaldita said...

free ticket na nakapagdate pa! saya!


theworkingmom said...

earthlingorgeous -- hope to see more of you guys at future events!

Dinah -- first times are really scary noh? And I guess most of us are shyer in person than our blogs would show.

girlforallstatus -- Oo nga! Kasi naman I feel so losyang naman, compared to the other fellow winners. Dapat mas nag-ayos pa ako! :)

Badet - Sana nga we'll see more of each other at such events.

Phaelun -- I know, you guys were sitting just beside me and my husband! Wala eh, nahiya ako. Pero sana nga we'll meet at some future event -- and I'll have more guts to talk :D

Levy -- syempre your priority is your child. Di bale, I'm sure there are other events like this in the future!

Carlamaldita -- Oo nga! :) We haven't done this in quite a while na (watching a movie together) so it was quite a treat! Pag nanganak na ako, matagal na ulit bago mangyari ito!