Things to buy for baby --- Part 2

If you need to read part I, here it is :)

Bath and body care:

Diapers - I preferred disposable diapers. I initially tried using cloth diapers (gauze) but it was too inconvenient for me. My son peed a lot, so I had to change him a lot. And not just the diaper, but also his clothes and the sheets. His sleep also got interrupted a lot.

Also, he pooed about 5 times a day when he was small (this is normal for breastfed babies). It was difficult to remove all traces of poo from his diaper.

All in all, disposables were what saved my sanity. I tried both EQ Dry and Prokids and both worked well for me. I went with EQ Dry since it was cheaper.

Cotton balls and water / Baby wipes: When he was a newborn, we just cleaned him up with cotton balls dipped in warm water. We only used baby wipes (we used Giggles or Prokids) when we leave the house since it was more convenient to use.

Petroleum jelly - I put a thin layer on him bum to act as a barrier against wetness and I think it was the main reason why he seldom had diaper rashes.

Soap / baby wash - I used Johnson and Johnson baby bath and he was ok with it. Initially, I just bought a small bottle because I wasn't sure if his skin would react to it, but since it didn't, I continued using it.

Baby oil - I preferred using virgin coconut oil since it was milder, and more easily absorbed by the skin than the ordinary baby oil. It was also organic.

I didn't use any baby powder, lotion or any other products that I didn't feel he needed.

Rubber mat - I used the traditional rubber one, blue on one side and pink on the other. The biggest one was the most versatile since I used it as a changing mat for his nappy changes and also somewhere to put him when he's wet from the bath. :)

Still to be continued....