How fast can you type?

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I've had typing lessons in High School, under "Practical Arts". It's one of the most useful and practical subjects I've taken, since the next few years in college and med school were full of reports and such! Take note that the personal computer and word processing was not widespread then, and we had to type our reports on a manual typewriter! Later, Wordstar came along, which made saving easier (for future copies) than just typing on the typewriter and using carbon and photocopies if you needed more (and hoping that you won't lose your copy). It was also much easier to type on a computer.

We've really come a long way. It's really much easier to type nowadays. We have Word and other word processing software!

It's so nice to reminise about the old days, though, when the good old typewriter was in its heyday. I still use touch typing though, and it's quite a useful skill, although I'm not really as fast as I would like to be.

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Ok, now, let's see how fast you type! I'm tagging Leah, Apple, Angel, Eds.


Eds said...

Thanks dito sis! Ill do it soon!

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done na. haha, ang baba ng score ko. =)

theworkingmom said...

Apple, okay na yan!