My husband, my son and I all went to have haircuts today. There is a Chinese belief that if you cut your hair just before New Year's Day, you will let go of all the bad luck from the previous year.

Since we all need haircuts anyway and we happened to have a morning free, we decided to have it done in Greenhills, albeit at different places.

My son had his haircut at Cuts for Tots. They have a very child friendly place with TVs and DVDs playing "Cars" (that was what was playing during the time Ethan had his haircut). They also have chairs with cars so the kids could pretend to be driving while having their haircut and a waiting area with lots of toys. We preferred having his hair cut here although it's a bit more expensive since they are more experienced with cutting children's hair, especially children who are cranky and can't sit still. Ethan came out looking "pogi" with shorter hair. :)

I had mine done at Bench Fix Salon. I had my long, 3 inches past the shoulder length hair chopped off to a short bob. I have been wearing long hair for a long time and I felt I needed a change. Besides, summer is almost here and it's getting warm! My nape definitely felt cooler after the haircut. My husband didn't look too happy (he liked me in long hair) but he agreed that it definitely suited me. My mom, however, told me that I should have had the shorter cut way before.

My husband wanted a real barbershop, and not a salon. So he had his done at Don Juan. His cut was pretty much his usual haircut, but he looked good and much neater with his shorter hair.