Another reason why you should join Dneero -- the reseller program!

I have already posted about Dneero before here.

Now, there's a third way of earning through Dneero, and that is the reseller program! So now, there are 3 ways to earn, firstly by answering and posting surveys, secondly by referring people to join, and thirdly, by referring advertisers to sponsor surveys!

This program allows you to sell Social Surveys to businesses and organizations. You'll earn 10% of any money that bloggers or social networkers make through the survey. This is a big opportunity for enterprising types who are willing to contact businesses. We can easily see college students making this their part time or full time job.

At its core the program is simply a Reseller Code that you hand out to businesses. If they create a survey and enter your code then you earn whenever that survey pays out to somebody.

And yes, it's's still free to join! Join here: