Fashion Trends -- a survey

What do you think of the pop culture fashion trends in 2007 for women?
From Time's Pop Culture in 2007:

In the world of pop culture, 2007 was the year we turned up our noses at Britney (while unleashing a world of schadenfreude on the tearful fan who defended her on YouTube), shook our heads over the Michael Vick dogfighting arrest and did a major double-take at the NASA astronaut love triangle. Meanwhile, France yawned over its First Couple's split; An Inconvenient Truth sparked an eco-friendly clothing trend; and the verb "to tase" entered the lexicon (as in, don't, bro).

I've always been rather untrendy myself, preferring to buy clothes with a lot longer shelf life. For me, the problem of being TOO trendy is that clothes look too dated too easily. If the fad has already passed, most women would find it embarrassing to be wearing clothes that are not "uso", no matter if the clothes cost a lot and are still of good quality.

My personal rule is to buy cheap with trendy clothes. I can splurge a bit on the more timeless designs.


Anonymous said...

i agree! i, too, invest in timeless pieces that i can wear over and over again. =)