Homeschooling - a rational choice

Schools are a hot topic in my mailing list, as a lot of mothers are discussing on what school is best for their kids. There is a dizzying array of choices, from the traditional to the progressive schools, to the multiple intelligence schools, to the international schools. All of which have their own advantages and disadvantages as well as a corresponding price tag.

Preparing to send a child to school has increasingly become more and more expensive. And we're not just talking of the school tuition fee itself. We also have to factor in the costs of books, clothes or uniforms, transportation fees, among others.

Homeschooling has become a more and more attractive option. Aside from savings from the school and miscellaneous expenses, you can totally supervise and watch what your child is learning. In the usual school, you pretty match turn over your child to the school teachers for the few learning hours each day. With today's teacher:student ratio, even if it's quite small, you cannot expect the teacher to just focus on your son. The biggest advantage of homeschooling is the one on one focus.

However, we sometimes do not have enough confidence that we can homeschool our kids well enough for them to face college and, ultimately the world. Fortunately, there are institutions like The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool which actually helps you homeschool, with materials, examinations and a support system that will help you be the best teacher for your child.