Planning a vacation through the net

My husband and I have always talked of traveling for our next vacation but we never really seem to find the time and the budget for planning such a trip.

My dream vacation is somewhat similar to the trip that we had with my parents and siblings in the early nineties, wherein we had a trip on the US West Coast. We rented a car and drove around several cities. This was back when there was no internet yet, so hotel reservations were done via phone calls. We'd plan our next stop on the road, just looking for the next hotel/motel to stay on our next stop and calling before we set out on the road. It was really fun and exciting, but now with the advances of internet, there are now ways of making the travelling process a little easier.

The next time we plan such a trip, we can already book our flights online, reserve the hotel/s or motel/s that we're going to stay in, book our car, all in one site. The best thing is that we can even avail of hotel discounts through special offers! This was not possible in the early nineties, but it certainly is possible NOW!

Oh, since you can have everything reserved and planned out, the budget planning is also much easier since you already know how much everything costs. This is so unlike the trip we had before when we didn't know how much our next hotel or motel would cost us as we would only know the price when we call them up the night before.

I can hardly wait to plan our next vacation! Hopefully I will be able to bring along my son. I want him to experience Disneyland, Universal Studios...I enjoyed them when I was already an adult and I'm sure the kid will enjoy it! I also look forward to visiting the natural wonders like those found in Yellowstone Park, Yosemite Park and the Grand Canyon. And hopefully catch some flashy show in Las Vegas. Or maybe the East Coast will be a better idea this time?