To Do....

Time sure flies! My date with the stork is next month already! Sometimes I really feel that this pregnancy seems to be quicker than my first one -- maybe because I'm busier this time around? I just realized that there are so many things I have to do that have to be done before my little one makes her appearance. I've decided to make lists to remind and prompt me...

Things to look for and clean:

  • newborn clothes -- tiesides and frogsuits - ok
  • stroller - ok
  • crib - ok
  • receiving blankets -ok
  • socks - ok
  • mittens - ok
  • feeding bottles
  • breast pump
  • sterilizer
  • nursing clothes
  • breastfeeding pillow
  • extra baby book
  • gauze lampins
  • bath tub - ok
  • Launder / clean all clothes and baby stuff!!!

Things to do:
  • organize Philhealth papers
  • check benefits with SSS
  • inform patients about my leave
  • look for another yaya for new baby
  • decide on maternity leave length
  • decide on date for Cesarean
  • look for Pedia to catch the baby (my pedia is on leave)
  • put away Ethan's old clothes
  • organize room

Things to buy:
  • newborn diapers
  • baby toiletries -- baby wash, baby oil, petroleum jelly
  • BPA free feeding bottles - bought a few already
  • another mattress?
  • girl clothes for going out - bought a few already
Whew! There's still so much to do! Better start soon! Well, at least some of the stuff I already have--especially the big ticket items like the stroller and crib and sterilizer -- so I get to save some money :).