Happy E

I don't know if it's just our imagination or is E becoming even more makulit (mischievous)? His favorite bedtime activity nowadays is trying to bury his dad in pillows and then jumping on him, all the while laughing out loud. He also asks questions that he already knows the answers to, then if you give him the wrong answer, he will correct you. He also throws toys down the stairs and under the refrigerator and asks me to get it for him. I do not want to encourage this, so I tell him that mommy can't bend over, you'll have to get it yourself.

The good thing is that he doesn't really have many tantrums at this stage. He's a generally happy child who seldom cries and laughs often -- although sometimes he laughs AT someone after he does some mischief. Well, we'll have to guide him as to what is right and wrong, but for now I'm glad that he's turned out to be be happy AND healthy.