"Runaway" Wedding!

The big showbiz news the past few days is the surprise pulled by Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, who got married in a now-showbizzy way. How they were able to pull off such a hush hush wedding (and tell the world at large about it when they were already hitched) was one for the books. They chose to tie the know in a church outside Metro Manila (in Batangas, to be exact), and limited their guests to 80 close family members and friends. They later had a reception at the beach where more people joined them (200 people) but still small for a showbiz wedding. Well done! Congratulations, Juday and Ryan! I loved the fact that they used "Runaway" as the wedding march. "I will runaway with you..."....so appropriate!

While such destination weddings like what Juday and Ryan had is something that most folks dream of, it's not something most people actually do. Apart from some Hollywood personalities, how may caribbean weddings have you actually heard of? (I'm not even talking about getting invited to!) That's because they are difficult to prepare and expensive! But do you know that there are actually all inclusive travel deals for couples wanting to get married in such exotic locations like Jamaica? All-inclusive means that the wedding is included! All you have to do is show up! With such discount vacation packages, a simple getaway for the wedding (then straight to the honeymoon!) is possible even if you have a shoestring budget!

Hmmmm....maybe hubby would agree to a renewal of vows in Jamaica someday....


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