Hot and Humid Once More!

Just when we thought that the rainy season has come early, the weather decides to change and now we're back to the heat of the Philippine summer. What adds to the discomfort is the very humid weather that we're having. We just had a new airconditioner installed in our room in the hope of increasing efficiency and cutting down on some energy costs, but of course we know that it really adds to the electric bill. I'm feeling the heat even more because of my pregnancy!

My mom is now contemplating on having ceiling fans installed. She asked my husband and I to canvass when we were out buying our A/C unit. We saw a simple ceiling fan which is less than a thousand pesos only. It was however, too simple for my mother's tastes, and I agree. She would like a more decorative one that would look good in her living room, like ellington fans, as she wants to utilize the fan fully, both as something useful and as an additional decoration.

As for me, I agree wholeheartedly. I'm for anything that would make me feel this oppressive heat less! I certainly hope that the weather will be much cooler after I give birth, because for sure I won't have the freedom I have right now of getting cold water showers like I'm getting used to having right now.