Viva Las Vegas!

The ultimate nightlife can be found in the desert city of Las Vegas. Unlike most other places, this city actually is more "awake" and alive during the night time rather than during the daytime. I wonder if this city ever sleeps at all! The only thing I've played in the casinos there are the slot machines and the video poker, but I've watched a couple of Las Vegas shows, both of which are glitzy, over-the top and very Las Vegas, but very different from each other. I've watched the illusionist David Copperfield live and I've watched a show in Bally's hotel featuring topless girls (sorry forgot the name of the show). Would you believe I got to watch the Bally show for free because I won a couple of tickets? They cost about 70 dollars each if we had to buy them! Well, I wish I could have been as lucky on the slot machines! :D