Going to Mall of Asia Today

It seems like it's been a hectic week lately for our family, and weekends are no exception. In fact, it seems that this weekend is even busier than the weekday! So pardon me if I don't get to blog as often as I want to.

This morning, we'll be heading over to join the Vesak Day celebration in Mall of Asia. While there, I might have to check out some plumbing parts and maybe somebody to fix it. I can't find those parts in nearby Greenhills. The knobs in my mother's bathroom has some problem, and since it's pretty old, it's difficult to find replacements. The person who looked at it (he's no Lubbock Plumber, that's for sure...) can't do it so we have to find somebody else who can.

Anyway, if you have the time, do drop by the Mall of Asia. The Buddha Bathing ceremony is open to everybody. I'm not a Buddhist (my mom is, though), but the teachings of Buddhism do closely resemble my own faith. You could say I'm open minded about the topic of religion -- just don't attack mine and we'll live in harmony! If my kids would opt to be Buddhists I really won't object.