Trying To Organize Our Room

Our mission this week is to fix our room. I don't know about other people but we have VERY limited storage space and lots of stuff. It's sometimes amazing how much clutter we accumulated through the years. When I was single, my room seems pretty big, with a lot of room for my stuff. Now that we're a family, our room seems too small. In addition to my stuff, my husband already has his stuff, my son has his stuff and toys (which took over my bookshelf) and now we have another baby on the way. I know we should probably throw or sell some things away, but of course, you can't throw everything away. I'm thinking that there should be a better way of organizing things and I'm wondering if it would help if we put in some display shelving for our stuff. There's a lot of unused wall space and stuff like books, magazines and maybe some toys could be placed there. Maybe what works for stores in organizing and displaying their stuff will also work for us. And maybe we'll get more floor space that way. What do you think?

Sigh. It was so much easier when all the stuff were mine. I could simply decide on what stuff to keep and what stuff to discard. With a family, I have to also respect that their stuff are not mine to decide whether to keep or not.