Our old home used to have carpets in almost every room. However, the problem with carpets is that it's so hard to clean on a daily basis. In a tropical country like ours wherein all the windows and doors are kept open most of the time, there is always new dust falling everywhere, especially on the carpets. Unlike the cleaners at Austin Carpet Cleaning, not all cleaners here are well trained enough to remove all the dust from the carpets and, even if they did, there will always be new dust settling in. That's why we opted not to have wall to wall carpeting when we moved, and decided to just use area rugs that can be moved around and laundered. We had a well advertised vacuuming service demonstrate their machine with us, unfortunately, we found their machine too expensive! They did have cleaning services without having to buy the machine, but they're also too pricey for our comfort.

Now, if we had lived in more temperate countries though, carpets would be a better idea as they insulate against the cold floors. Here, cold floors are more of a blessing against the sizzling all-year-summer heat. We preferred to just maintain the wooden parquet floors that our current house originally has, and just bought area mats to put in strategic areas.