Dream Garden

I'd love a house with a garden. There's something about nature and green things that really relax a body. However, I do not seem to have a green thumb, and I'm just too busy (and awfully lazy!) to take care of growing things (except my baby!) I just want to enjoy the garden, but taking care of it is not really my cup of tea. If ever I get a house with a garden, I'd have to make sure that the plants chosen would be easy to care for, with minimal maintenance. I'd have to employ the services of a good landscaper (probably someone with the caliber of Washington Landscaper) who could work within my restrictions of an almost maintenance-free garden, but one which is pleasant to look at. There's another requirement -- It has to be within a low budget! Am I asking for too much here? LOL.

Or maybe we could just compromise. Anyway, with the high prices of real estate nowadays, we'd be lucky if we could get a townhouse or condo big enough for our growing family. With such a setup, we don't really need to have our own garden at all, just a common garden (and pool, and function areas...) which is open to all residents and which is taken cared of by a gardener hired by the management (we'll have to pay for it via the CUSA though). Maybe that's we'll end up with.