Falling Apart

Sometimes it's so disillusioning -- marriages falling apart, whether they're just a few HOURS old or thirty years old. You see them with high profile couples, but they are present even with ordinary people we meet everyday.

Why does it seem that long, happy and forever-type of marriages seem to be more of an exception than the rule? It's a pity when the husband and wife no longer feel that they could stay together, but sometimes there is really no other way. The more tragic thing is that the separation is usually painful for both parties. You have children to consider. And how about the separation of properties and fortune? Unfortunately, you need lawyers who specialize in family law, like the San Antonio Family-Law-Attorneys, who know more about such family cases.

While there is no way to get around the pain and the mess of a broken family, an amicable settlement would go a long way in lessening the hurt and devastation.

But, personally, I wish people would still take their wedding vows of "for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till DEATH do us part" seriously. I do admit that sometimes it's no longer feasible, but marriage is something both the husband and the wife should work on everyday of their lives.