I wonder whether we'll ever be able to experience having exotic Jamaica vacations when we haven't even been to Palawan and its wondrous natural beauty and beautiful beaches. We initially considered going to Palawan for a honeymoon but we couldn't get a good deal on all-inclusive vacations (unlike inclusive Jamaica). We did calculations and we concluded that it's so much cheaper if we just go to Hong Kong! We also wanted Bohol but we couldn't book a hotel, just the flight! And so we off to Hong Kong we went! We only had a 3 day honeymoon, but it was an enjoyable 3 days. I hope that I would be able to take my kids back to see Mickey at Disneyland :). We still hope that we could go and enjoy Palawan and Bohol someday.

Now, if my husband and I can get away from our kids and enjoy our second honeymoon, I'd like it to be somewhere that mixes natural beauty and modern conveniences (I'm not really a rough-it-up sort of person like the Ocho Rios hotels in Jamaica. Someday, we'll be able to travel more and further!