Deciding on Our Family Car

Our cars are already old. At the back of our mind, we are thinking that one of these days, we might have to buy another car, especially that we're soon going to be a family of four and our current cars are getting to be a tight squeeze. But buying a car is a big investment, so leaping into it is foolish. We've been browsing Car Reviews so that we can determine which one would best suit our needs.

We're thinking that a minivan would probably suit our needs best. It has a lot of space for people to ride in. Which is what we need when the whole family needs to go out. You see, with 2 kids (with carseats) and their nannies plus the two of us, a regular car just won't fit us. Add the baby stuff that we have to lug along. We really need the space. So we're mainly looking at a minivan. Hopefully one that's fuel efficient too.

I've come across a Cars Blog which could also help us in arriving at our decision. While we're at it, we're also enjoying looking at the Sports Car Gallery. Well, sports cars are the last thing on our minds right now since they are not really good family cars, but they sure look good! And it never hurts to dream of having that wildly impractical purchase!