On Vending Machines

I remember when I was about 7 years old and in grade I, there was this vending machine at the ground floor of our school. It was such a novelty then. My classmates and I would hoard our coins so that we can get a cup of soda (the only thing the things sold at that time). However, it was prone to breakdown, and while the sodas were quite cheap, nobody really had the exact combination of coins at all times. Also, it was a little cheaper in the canteen, and you can pay without having a requisite number and type of coins.

Later when I was already in residency training, I noticed some vending machines being installed in some of the floors in the hospital where I was training. It was a great idea! The canteen was not open 24 hours (but I think it should be) and people inevitable get hungry, or just want some refreshment. It helped too that the more modern vending machines no longer needed a specific number of coins and could even accept bills. They even give you change!

I've always thought that this would be a good business opportunity especially for busy people who want to earn something on the side, but I do not know where to source these machines until I chanced upon 1800Vending.

I am currently reading this article -- 1800Vending Article -- for more information about this machine. What do you think? Here's their sales website by the way: 1800Vending Org.