Locked Out!

My husband carries around a spare key for his car. He learned his lesson after being locked out of his own car. The worse thing is that the engine was running, the A/C was on, thus consuming both gasoline and battery power. Fortunately, it's not too far from our house, where he keeps a spare, therefore we didn't need the services of locksmith. He just needed to take a jeepney home to get the key. That's good because we don't know if we can get one with the skill and track record of Portland Locksmith or otherwise. Also, locksmiths take time to arrive AND they cost a lot here in Manila if they find you in that situation. Which means a lot of money lost, both for their services, the extra key and the waste of gasoline and battery.

Anyway, after that incident, hubby made sure that he carries around his spare key, which he keeps in his pocket. After all, he may not be as lucky to encounter the same situation near the house. Imagine if that happened while we're out of town! Or even in the extreme side of the metropolis with all the traffic! That would certainly be a big hassle!