The Ring!

When planning a wedding, one of the most difficult choices to make is the wedding rings. That's the only detail in the wedding preps that you wear everyday of your life (unlike the wedding dress), so your choice better be good!

What should you consider?

  • Comfort - If you'll be wearing it everyday, of course it's a must that the ring should be comfortable enough!
  • Cost - Of course it's pretty impractical if you buy something beyond your means.
  • How it looks on you - Does your complexion look better with a yellow or a white metal? With diamonds or not?
  • Wearability - If you work in a place where thieves and snatchers abound, it's not wise to wear your expensive platinum wedding ring with all the diamonds -- it's too big a temptation for thieves. On the other hand, you can just keep your "true" wedding band and buy a less expensive one to wear and bring around!
I love the classic design of my wedding ring. I feel that it reflects my personality. I was not the one who chose the design -- my mother-in-law did (I just said that I wanted one in white gold rather than yellow gold because I felt that it suits me better) but I got what suits me, and is comfortable enough to wear almost everyday!