Yaya Talk

Since my husband and I are working, we have had to hire a full time nanny for our child. My little boy already had four official full time babysitters since he was born. He's now almost three. His present nanny, Yaya C. has been with us since January of this year. We have trust issues, though. We do not leave our little boy with just the nanny. Usually one of us is still around to supervise (and of course to keep Ethan company). If we are not around, my mom, mother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law or whoever is available among our immediate relatives is. We've heard a lot of horror stories about "bad" nannies and since our kid is not old enough to report anything bad that might happen to him, we do not really feel comfortable completely leaving him with any Yaya.

It's really difficult to find a nanny. They are either too young (not serious with job, may not watch your kid enough, entertains suitors/boyfriends) or too old (finds it difficult to run after my toddler, does not want to do things my way). Too experienced (has a set way already and does not want to follow what I want) or too inexperienced (has to be trained). That's why it is no wonder that although there are a lot of applicants for the position of yaya, there are still a lot of babysitting jobs unfilled!

I guess it's even more difficult for people in other countries who do not have the luxury of hiring nannies since they cost much more than nannies here. The issue of trust becomes even more glaring since parents will have to look for different strangers to stay with their kids when they have to go out. Good thing there's now actually a way for parents and babysitters to actually interact online, and for parents to get a higher ranking one based on the previous experience of the other parents. Pay is also standardized and schedules are a tad easier. Do check them out if you need to find a babysitter.