Coffee break ver. 1.32

Another coffee break from Jan.

I was pretty "nerdy" and "square" during high school, so most of of my concerns were about my studies. I worried if my grades would be good enough for me for me and my parents. Mind you, they should not only be "passing", but they should be a bit higher, if possible. I worried if I would be able to get a high grade in NCEE (since my school had high standards and it's known that nobody scores less than 90). I worried if I would be able to be good enough to eventually land medical school.

I worried about getting scolded by my parents (still do). That's why I try to live by their rules, observing a curfew whenever I go out (usually a driver brings me to and from the place) and shaking in fear whenever I break any rule.

I worried about why I wasn't invited to certain parties. Am I not "in" enough? Am I not friendly enough? When I do get to a party, I worry about why boys didn't ask me to dance. Was it my dress? Was it my hair? Was it me?

I didn't worry too much about clothes (we had uniforms anyway), boys (didn't think of dating till later, even then, my parents forbade me to at that early stage), money (my parents gave us all we needed and some of what we wanted, even if there may be some difficulties along the way, and I was never "maluho" anyway.).