Software As A Service

It's the 2008, and it's been quite a while when computers invaded the public consciousness and became virtually necessary for any kind of endeavor, in almost all fields. The problem is that sometimes it's so expensive to set up web conferencing systems and office network systems, not to mention that you also need an IT personnel just to be able to set something like that up.

Lately, I've come across "software as a service". It sounds very promising! Instead of purchasing software, you can actually just rent it! That sounds especially nice since software evolves and the one you bought now might just turn obsolete in a few months. Also, you can actually set up a hosted team foundation server in a few hours' time (not months!) AND you do not need an IT personnel for that. It's now also possible to have cheap web conferencing using software as a service (SAAS).

This is certainly interesting. Now there is much less excuse to modernize and computerize your business operations!