The Love Boat

I was a child of the seventies, so one of the TV fares that I've watched with my older cousins, aside from Charlie's Angels and The Six Million Dollar Man, was The Love Boat. Unlike the other shows I watched back then which were more of the adventure type, this was a TV series about the crew and passengers of a luxury cruise ship who invariably find true love at the end of the episode after going through a series of conflicts.

I did not realize that Princess Cruise Lines was the actual Love Boat introduced back in 1977. That would have made an interesting honeymoon for me and my husband, if we had known about it, had enough vacation time, and enough money to spend on it. You see, we have not been in an actual cruise before. Sure there were boat rides within the Philippines, but not the type that shouts luxury like the Cunard Cruise Lines.

We would love to have to have a vacation with a trip to the United States, preferably the East Coast since I've already been to the West Coast. Then maybe choose among the available Cruises from New York. That would make for an awesome holiday. Even more so for my husband since he has never been to the United States before.


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