The "New Room"

When my brother got married, my mother had to prepare the room for the couple and buy Bedroom Furniture for him and his bride. Our family tradition dictates that the parents of the groom should prepare the bedroom of the prospective bride and groom (the "New Room", which actually means the newlyweds' room). As far as I know, that's the Chinese tradition, but I've since learned that sometimes, some of these customs are not for the Chinese as a whole, but just for our clan.

Anyway, mom had the original wallpapers stripped, had the whole room repainted to nice shades of blue and silver (my brother's choices) and bought Modern Bedroom Furniture to achieve a clean, clutter free and functional area of them.

I think that her use of Contemporary Bedroom Furniture rather than heavy classics is a great idea because the more modern furniture suits the personality of the the couple better. Well, they say that mothers know best, don't they? :)

Personally, I'd also go for the same look. I guess, we, as a family, just generally prefer the simpler lines of contemporary furniture.


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