Want Clear Skin!

I wish I had inherited my mom's clear skin. Unfortunately for my brothers and I, we didn't. We had bad cases of acne during our younger days. I had my acne during medical school (when I was already in my twenties!), and although they are gone now, I still have scars that reminded me of that "dark" time in my life. I've tried a lot of treatments, but not murad acne. I wished they were around and available during that time. Sigh! You see, I've heard of people swearing that their skin cleared up after using their acne complex!

A blemish-free, scar less face -- that's probably an impossible dream for me right now. Although friends and acquaintances say I look nice enough and my husband loves me with or without the scars, I do wish I can just go out without any trace of makeup like my mom and my grandma and still look nice. (Well, I do go out without makeup but I just do not look as nice.)

I hope my children will have better skin than I did. If they unfortunately inherit my acne, I will let them try murad acne complex before the problem gets too bad so they won't get scars the way I did.